Canon Pixma Error Code B200

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canon pixma error code B200

Printers or printing devices has become an obligatory need that has to be had by the firm, organization or service rental. Because today’s demands are all about innovation with rapid speed.

The need of printer and the revolution of Canon printers as Pixma series printers have made this series very popular among the generation. As far as the Canon Pixma Error Code B200 is concerned, it is a common and bit annoying error of this printer which can be easily resolved if you follow few steps carefully.

What is Canon Pixma Error Code B200?

Error code B200 is a printer error emerging from the printhead voltage or temperature level is not normal. Usually this resistor impact on the mainboard that creates an unpredictable voltage that Canon Pixma printer does not function as anticipated. In general, this is due to the physical damage to the mainboard printer.

Resistors on the mainboard ablaze triggering the unstable voltage as well as Canon printer does not function as expected. Resistors get burned in some cases and start giving an error as R301. Due to its presentation to readjust the dimension of the other elements, when the resistor R301 is combustible as well as cannot function, then the printer will certainly experience an error characterized by the Canon Pixma Error Code B200/P10.

How To Resolve Pixma Error Messages B200?

Don’t avoid such kinds of printer error, it could be harmed printhead. Please try to fix it as soon as possible to save your time and troubles. You may also contact Canon Printer Technical Support Number if you need an instant solution for such kinds of issues.

Solution 1:

  • Switch off Printer Power
  • Open vertically the print head bay (as you do while changing inks).
  • Now turn on the power.
  • Wait until carriage begin moving to the left and have gone half way
  • You have to shut the cover smartly before carriage reaches left completely but have past almost half.
  • Keep the Printer turned on.
  • Excellent to go.

canon printer support

Solution 2:

  • Lift up the cover of the printer.
  • Eliminate all ink storage tanks from the printer.
  • Raise the gray locking bar on the side of the ink storage tank owner.
  • Gently eliminate the print head from the carriage device.
  • Place the print head back in and secure the bar down.
  • Cover all the ink storage tanks back in the printer.
  • Shut the cover and also transform the printer off.
  • Disconnect the power from the printer. Leave the power unplugged for concerning 5-10 mins.
  • Plug the power back in as well as transform the printer on.

Now it can be hoped that you have become able to fix your Canon Pixma Error Code B200 easily. If you are still getting this error messages then it is required to contact Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number +1800-982-0436 to ProTechKnowledge Experts. They are available by 24/7 and will help you to get rid of all kinds technical issues.

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